The natural anti-tick bands are 100% natural and work on the basis of micro-organisms with the EMX ceramic beads (White beads). The tick bands make the dog less attractive to ticks. The bands are made of paracord, which is sturdy rope that can take a beating.

It is not scientifically proven that EMX beads work against ticks because it has never been studied. The opinions of the bracelets are divided. There are dogs who benefit a lot from the bands, but there are also dogs who still get ticks. Sometimes there are dogs who get up to 10 ticks a day and with the bands they are not completely tick-free, but they do have fewer ticks! The only way to see if it works for your dog is to try it out. Sometimes people have tried a band that had fake beads, too few beads or maybe too many beads and therefore have a negative experience with the bands.

Therefore, be aware of where you purchase the bands. A dog's resistance also plays a big role.

The bands should always be worn and have an optimal effect after wearing them for about 2 weeks.

For optimal performance a few things are important:

Original beads: there are also fake beads around these days, we work with the original beads, the original beads are also a lot more expensive as the fake beads while they are similar. If you come across a very cheap band then you may wonder how this is possible.

The right amount of beads are very important, too many beads can cause complaints in the dog namely: restless or very slow but if you have too few beads on the collar it does not work. Because I have been making these collars for several years I know how to make the right collars for your dog.

The beads must touch the fur of the dog.

It is important to clean the bands every 2 weeks and then let them dry in the sun (do not use soap).

When you wash the dog, take the bracelet off as well.

* The beads will last for years provided the beads are not broken.

* The bracelets must always be worn for optimal operation

* The bracelets can withstand water and may get wet, however, they can not withstand chlorinated water

* The straps do not damage the coat and do not cause extra tangles.

* The straps are also suitable for puppies

* The straps are adjustable, if your dog gets stuck on something the buckle slides so the dog does not get stuck.

* The straps are suitable for dogs with allergies.

Create your own

The anti-tick bands swirl & flower you can compose yourself on size and color

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Manon (Tommie de Labrador)
2 maanden geleden

Onze eerste tekenband met kralen. Erg mooie kwaliteit en staat hem super. Snelle service erg blij mee.

2 maanden geleden

Ik heb tekenbandjes en paracord halsband super mooi en goede kwaliteit en in vele kleuren combinaties beschikbaar!